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Cake Estimate

This is an estimate only. Prices are subject to change. to get a quote please call 

The cost of your cake is relative to the amount of time spent on your cake.  We hand make all of our sugar flowers and figurines and this allows us to customize them and avoid the mass produced factory look. As you can imagine there is a huge amount of work in making a completely handmade wedding/birthday or any type of celebration cake and prices reflect this. Each cake will be quoted on individually based on the amount of time and decorations involved in your cake.

The number of tiers your cake has will depend on the number of servings you want it to produce. Here is a pretty nifty chart of different tier cakes and how many servings they will produce. Remember, that the larger your cake, the higher its price, but also, the more people it will serve!

20 Servings – Two Tier – 6″ / 4″

36 Servings – Two Tier – 8″ / 6″ 

44 Servings – Three Tier – 8″ / 6″ / 4″

74 Servings – Three Tier – 10″ / 8″ / 6″

 82 Servings – Four Tier – 10″ / 8″ / 6″ / 4″

130 Servings – Four Tier – 12″ / 10″ / 8″/ 6″

208 Servings – Five Tier – 14" / 12″ / 10″ / 8″/ 6″

*Servings based on slices measured: 1″ x 1″ x 5″


Cake prices increase with the amount of sugar decorations that you decide to have, so think carefully before decorating each layer with twenty sugar blooms! A ready-made sugar flower, sold separately from the cake can cost $7.75 each and custom made  flowers like peonies and roses for crowning the cake can add another $40-50. Many choose to decorate their cake with real or plastic flowers, both of which save a considerable amount of money and look absolutely amazing.

Custom Made vs Store cakes:

A custom made cake will cost more than one from a large store, due to the amount of time it take to design and then bake the cake. Store-made cakes are made in large batches, at the quickest speed possible and are left frozen before they are bought, whereas custom cakes are made with a lot of love and care, deliciously fresh for your wedding or special day. While custom cake prices vary, the more intricate sugar work goes into it and the more tiers it has, the more expensive it will be. Here is a rough price guide for custom cakes depending on size and level of decoration: (this is only a rough idea, for your specific need (number of servings and design please ask for a quote).

(Based on Buttercream finished)

Number of Tiers               Price Band 1         Price Band 2         Price Band 3   

2                                       $280 – $350          $350 – $400          $400 – $450

3                                       $300 – $350          $350 – $450          $450 – $600           

4                                       $400 – $450          $450 – $550          $550 – $750

(Based on Fondant finished)

Number of Tiers               Price Band 1         Price Band 2         Price Band 3   

2                                       $380 – $450          $450 – $500          $500 – $650

3                                       $400 – $550          $550 – $650          $650 – $700           

4                                       $500 – $650          $650 – $750          $750 – $850

Average price for cupcake tower for a wedding of 100 including fresh flowers $950

Price band 1 refers to cakes iced with simple decoration and edged with ribbon.

Price band 2 refers to cakes that require additional decoration (like flowers and toppers).

Price band 3 refers to cakes that are decorated with lots of royal iced pipework and/or sugar flowers.


When it comes to choosing your cake flavors, you can save by improvising with same flavor tiers. Some things to keep in mind: rolled fondant and marzipan will cost more, as they take more time to smooth and can tear easily if not applied properly. Similarly, fruit cake is more expensive than other flavors, due to the number of different ingredients it includes, and chocolate is slightly more expensive than vanilla, due to the ingredient pricing!


Another factor that can affect cake price are dummy (fake cake)layers. These are perfect if you want a 5-tier cake, but only need 70 servings, as a fake layer can add drama and extra height, without the need for a filling, but the decorating price will differ based on the level of detail.

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